FRACK!! The Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular!

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Debut:  June 9th, 2017 at Tamarack Marketplace in Beckley WV

Remaining Shows at The Raleigh Playhouse & Theatre in Beckley WV

FRACK!! (The Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular) is a full-length musical comedy play 100% created by local artists from the greater Raleigh County area. The follow-up to 2016’s, Abomination on Bolt Mountain, FRACK!! was the brainchild of JC Lacek, Jamie Smith, and Jason Lockart. This time around, the mission was to create a fun-loving experience highlighting Appalachian musical sensibilities while also tackling regional issues such as joblessness and the climate crisis.

FRACK!! The Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular Promo Poster

FRACK!! The Mountain Music Comedy Spectacular Promo Poster

FRACK!! features eight original songs written by J. Scarborough, arranged by Jason Lockart, and performed by some of Southern West Virginia’s top musical talent, including Long Point String Band and The Kind Thieves. The essential vision of FRACK!! was to create an event that transcended the average theater experience, becoming something closer to a community-building project explicitly designed for the people of the area.

About the story: Things are tough all over for Jim Cunningham. A single father who recently lost his job as a truck driver for Piney Fork Coal, Jim struggles to make ends meet while raising his two teenage kids. As Jim begins to believe he has reached the end of his rope, he is visited by a peculiar representative from a gas fracturing company known as Grendel Corp. Their offer to Jim is simple: All of his money problems can go away with one seemingly simple stipulation…only they can decide where on his property to put the gas well. Much to Jim’s dismay, he and his family must cope with the unfortunate reality that they now have a gas well located in the middle of their living room.

­​Written by J​C Lacek ­​- Directed by Robby Moore – Featuring actors Zachary Bolen, Ashley Traybor, Chris Cohenour, Tiffany Jenkins, Korey Tedder, Jamie Smith, Sarah Dodson-Osborne, and Gerald Hayden – Original Music by J. Scarborough – Music Direction by Jason Lockart – Additional Composition (as well as live performance) by members of Kid In The Background, Inc., Long Point String Band, and The Kind Thieves.

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February 23, 2023

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